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The Best Running Socks

When you become a runner, you realize that you can no longer throw on your favorite pair of kitten socks and be on your way. This isn’t to say you should get rid of your kitten socks. Once I discovered this niche, I became overwhelmed by all of the amazing ways I can show my love (tolerance) for cats through my choice of footwear. That being said, your kitten socks will win no awards for the best running socks. So, what are the best running sock choices?

I’ve been wearing Balega socks for a number of years now and am a loyal-lifelong fan of the brand. These socks have travelled with me through thousands of miles in all types of weather. In fact, I love them so much that I have a rule that I can only wear them when I’m running, or I would never take them off. Here’s why I love Balega socks and think they’re the best running socks.

Let me be clear that I’m in no way sponsored, endorsed, or otherwise compensated by Balega (I wish!). I’m simply a diehard Balega fan that wants to share the foot love.

Really though, look at all of these amazing cat sock options you can find on Amazon! If you click on the pics, you'll be able to purchase them because, really, who can resist?

Balega Socks Are Great in the Rain

Want to learn more about my top picks for gear for running in the rain? Check out the BTA post below.

There’s nothing worse than stomping in a puddle or facing a torrential downpour and having your feet become raw and red because of your socks. Given how thick Balega socks are, it’s amazing how well they handle water. In fact, in the long list of things that are problematic during a rainy run, Balega socks are a non-issue. If you’ve ever been frustrated by your socks while running in the rain, you know this is a big deal. While wet, my Balega socks don’t even squish or feel water logged. Most importantly, wet Balega socks have never caused me blisters. Even after many miles of soaking wet feet, I return home with nothing worse than pruny toes. This is quite an achievement. When considering the best running socks, ability to handle rain ranks high.

Balega Socks Are Great for Blisters.....or for Not Blisters

While I’ve suffered from blisters from poorly fitting shoes or orthotics, I can’t say any of these blisters have ever been sock related. I’ve had blister-free success with a number of different Balega styles, but they also have a style that’s specifically designed to combat blisters. Balega’s Drynamix material is primarily composed of polyester, wool, and nylon. From experience, it does a great job of wicking moisture in both cold and warm conditions. Avoiding running injuries is hard enough without having to worry about a daily threat from blisters. If you want to delve into the world of blisters, Doug Murdoch has a great post about managing and combating blisters as a runner.

Balega Socks Are Really Comfortable and Durable

I have to use willpower to not wear my Balega socks all of the time. These socks are damn comfortable. It’s the little things that matter when we’re trying to get out the door for a run in the morning. For me, knowing I’ll be putting pillows on my feet is a small, but important, motivator. Try on a pair of Balegas and tell me your feet don’t thank you. If you're looking for a great watch to match those snazzy socks of yours, check out my review of the Garmin 235.

I still have a pair of Balega socks that I bought almost 10 years ago. While they are showing their age by now, it’s amazing to have a pair of socks that are still usable after 10 years of long distance running. My Balega socks put up with a lot of mileage, washing, and overall wear and tear. They are built to last.

woman with balega socks

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a big fan of the Balega socks. This doesn’t mean they are the only option though. Be sure to give a number of brands a try and choose the one that feels right for you. Be sure to share your favorites with me in the comments below!