The Best Cold Weather Running Gear

cold weather running gear

When the winter comes and the wind starts blowing, there’s no reason to feel trapped by your treadmill and indoor workouts. When you have the right cold weather running gear, you can keep moving towards your running goals no matter what it looks like outside of your front door. Read on to find out what I recommend for your chilly runs.

Unfortunately, the cold weather often brings the rain and darkness with it. Check out my recommendations for the best gear for running in the rain and my recommendations for the best gear for running at night so you have your bases covered.


To avoid pink knees and frozen shins, leggings are your best bet when running in colder weather. When designed for sport, tights will keep you warm, while also not drenching you in sweat and limiting your movement as bulky sweatpants do. In theory, your running tights should feel like an extra layer of skin, only noticeable in that they are keeping your legs from freezing. When ordering the tights below, be sure you order the correct size, as an improper fit will cause you to spend more time pulling at your waistband than running.


Cold weather running gear needn’t include parkas and down coats. No, there are times when well-made shirts will suffice. I have shirts that are so well insulated that it needs to be extremely cold for me to even consider wearing them. The shirts listed below range in their levels of insulation and warmth. As I’ve found, it’s good to buy a wide range of shirts so that you’re prepared for a wide range of weather conditions.


There are days when the weather is cold enough that we need to ditch the shirts and opt for jackets. When considering your needs as a runner, think about a jacket’s weight and breathability. There’s nothing worse than being caught in a heavy, cold sweat because your jacket isn’t designed to withstand heavy activity. The options below are great choices, as they’ll keep you warm while not weighing you down.


We’ve all heard the myth about how we lose a lot of our heat through our heads. Whether this is true of not, it’s still no fun to have a cold noggin. Protect those precious hairs and brains of yours when you’re running in cold weather. Low temperatures aside, hats can be great to have around should you find yourself facing rain, hail, or rouge snowballs. If you’re not usually the hat wearing type, give it a try. Hats are essential pieces of cold weather running gear to get you through during the winter months.


Cold fingers are the worst! There’s nothing like a good set of gloves to make a cold weather run more enjoyable. Don’t worry, the choices below have touch screen compatible finger tips so you don’t have to miss a text or song change on your run.

What are your cold weather running gear picks? Let us know in the comments!

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