Funny Running Shirts to Add to Your Closet

funny running shirts

There’s no shortage of funny running shirts to remind you that running isn’t always about perfect, superhero achievement of our running goals. Which is your favorite?

When pursuing running goals, it’s easy to get caught up in how serious the sport can be. We want to run fast and strong. We want to obsess over our training plans and how many miles we’ve run. We want to put on our color coordinated outfits and show the world we have what we’re made of.

But, running doesn’t always have to be serious. In fact, setting a running goal is a great excuse to have a hell of a good time. If we’ve learned anything from the upswing in the trend of hot chocolate races, color runs, and Star Wars half marathons, it’s that runners are a fun-loving bunch.

While we appreciate good performance and achieving our running goals to the best of our abilities, we also know how to let loose and joke about how silly this sport can be. So, in the spirit of the silliness of running, here’s a sampling of my favorite funny running shirts. If you feel like you need to have a good laugh about your running routine (or know someone that does!), pick one up. We could all learn to laugh at ourselves, and these funny running shirts will do the trick.

Running - Sometimes We All Need a Little Motivation

We all know that runners would have the upper hand if there was a resurgence of the dinosaur population. 

I've Got the Runs

I've got...what? Yeah, we all know how true this shirt is. Whether you want to display it on your chest for the world to see is up to you.

Sloth Running Team

Sloths are pretty great, so I have no issues joining their team. 

Runners - We Suck at Basketball

Give me a cheer in the comments if you're like me and completely failed as a child at any sport that required coordination. Putting one foot in front of the other is all that I can handle. 

On Your Left Running Club

I don't know about you, but running makes me feel like a superhero. Do I have a big ego, I guess so. But, we all need to feel like a superhero every once in a while. Check out this excerpt from my book, Better Running Goals, to learn why I feel like a superhero when I run. 

Fun and Happy

If you've seen me on a bad day, you can probably bet that I wasn't able to run that morning. What can I say, no matter how much I hate a run while it's happening, it sets my day off to a great start. This t-shirt isn't funny; it's true. 

Hitting the Wall

And you thought that hitting the wall was just a fun saying. 

I'm Only Half Crazy

funny running shirts

And this is my good half...

I love running. I hate running.

Have you ever wondered how you can both love and hate something so much? Well, I have. Everyday. 

Run now. Beer later.

funny running shirts

What's your favorite post-run brew?

Heartbeat Running

There are times when I'm sprinting down a hill, or pushing through one final mile, and I feel so alive. Running goals are about so much more than checking a box on a bucket list. Running goals are about feeling alive--better than alive.

Which is your favorite funny running shirt? Do you have any to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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