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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Productive Goal Setters

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When you know someone who loves productivity and goal setting, you know that they can be hard to buy gifts for. Gifts for productive people can be fun to find though. As the researching and optimizing types, goal setters often already have everything they need and don’t want a ripple in the routine. If you’re stuck trying to find productive gifts for for the goal setters in your life, this list should give you a great place to start.

And, if you’re a BTA reader, you must be a productivity nerd yourself. Check out this list of goal setting gifts and see if there’s anything you want to spoil yourself with this year.


If you’re buying a gift for someone who likes to have control, get them a subscription that they can control themselves. These are the gifts that give all year long and also give your gift givers some agency in how they use it.

Who doesn’t love magazines? Give your recipient an excuse to take a break and flip through the pages of their favorite magazine.

Wickbox Candle Subscription

There’s nothing better than lighting a scented candle during a hectic work day to make things just a bit more bearable. Wickbox is an awesome candle subscription that will pamper any goal setter. 


Do you know someone who takes a break from their busy day to scroll through Pinterest? Yet, never has time actually make the beautiful things they pin? This awesome  Home Made Luxe box makes it extremely quick and easy to make Pinterest ready crafts.

Give your productive goal setter an excuse to sit back and read a book. BookCase.Club will send them a new book every month so that they can save time going to the library.


You know that your most productive and efficient friends love to try out the latest gadgets. Surprise them with some shiny swag in their stocking so that they can be up to date on the latest technology. Electronics can be the best office gifts.

I LOVE these headphones. The staggering amount of reviews proves I’m not alone in this.

Check price for Sony MDR7506

These are my go-to bluetooth headphones.

Check price for Sony MDR7506


There’s nothing that productive goal setters love more than being organized. If you need gifts for productive people, grab an organizer that will keep their live meticulously clean.

This backpack is small, but was my coffee shop work bag for years.

Check price for Mancro Backpack


Whether working at home or in the office, productive goal setters like to be comfortable while they’re crushing their work day. When you need gifts for productive people, don’t forget to pamper the ones you love.

I LOVE this pillow! I use it everyday and get so much work done while sitting in it.

Check price for LINENSPA Reading Pillow

This lamp is so darn cool!! It makes my office look so hip.

Check price for LINENSPA Reading Pillow

This lamp is so darn cool!! It makes my office look so hip.

Check price for Sunbeam Heated Throw


When you’re looking for gifts for productive people, you can never go wrong with a book. If I know anything about productive goal setters, it’s that we can’t get enough information about how to be even more productive and goal oriented.

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