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Hydrosleeve Review - The Best Running Water Bottles

hydrosleeve review

If you’re like my dad, you’ll be content with stashing water bottles in the neighborhood rose bushes along your route before a long run. But, if you’re not as methodical or invasive as him, you’ll prefer to carry your water along with you.

I’m notorious for completing long runs with no water at all simply because I find waist belts and water bottles annoying. If I’m going to be running for over an hour, I don’t want to spend all of it hearing and feeling the swishing of my water bottle. Yes, I acknowledge that I probably have a sensory issue. Regardless, I needed a solution other than the traditional running water bottle.

Say hello to the Hydrosleeve. Not only did the Hydrosleeve relieve me from the swishing, it also offered me a quick, hands free way to grab sips of water throughout a long run. The Hydrosleeve holds up to 7.5 ounces of water in its BPA free pouch. This pouch slips into an arm band with an adjustable bite valve that you can raise to your arm whenever you need to quench your thirst.

What I Love About the Hydrosleeve

Most of the feelings I have towards this product are feelings of love. Because of the Hydrosleeve, gone are the days of being a dehydrated runner stumbling through the front door in the middle of summer. The cost of this product was a small price to pay for the gift of hydration. But, even if you aren’t like me and don’t have such a tumultuous relationship with your water while running, the Hydrosleeve may still seem like a gift from heaven.

1) The Beauty of the Hydrosleeve Pouch

Unlike traditional water bottles, the Hydrosleeve is a pouch that collapses in on itself as it empties, giving you swish free runs and a lighter load to carry as you finish its contents.

The other benefit of the pouch is that you only need to gently push on it as you run in order to savor every drop of life giving water it offers. Unlike hard water bottles, you don’t need to try to be a master of coordination and run with your head tilted back as you try to simultaneously grab a sip of water and not land face first in a pothole. The Hydrosleeve is the perfect solution for any of us who think that putting one foot in front of another is hard enough.

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2) The Hydrosleeve Bite Valve Improves Efficiency

Releasing water when you put pressure on it with your teeth, the bite valve dissolves the need to pull or push on a pop top. With the Hydrosleeve, all you need to do is bring your arm to your mouth, bite down on the valve, and drink. The whole process takes less than 2 seconds. I love that I no longer have to fuss with water bottles and that I can take a sip of water and get back to the important job of running.

3) Despite its size, the Hydrosleeve Stays Secure on Your Arm

Yes, the Hydrosleeve is large. But, despite its size, it fits very well once secure. The handy arm band lets you customize the tightness of the pouch and, in my experience, I’ve had few issues with it slipping and sliding around.

4) The Hydrosleeve Has Storage

Mind you that “storage” may be an overstatement. That being said, you can probably squeeze an ID card or house key into the sleeve along with the water pouch. While it likely won’t solve all of your storage issues, it also is a huge help if you never know what to do with that $100 bill you always have lying around. Gosh, isn’t that so annoying?


4) The Hydrosleeve Is Just Awesome

Look at it. You have to admit that this is a neat product. While it isn’t perfect, the concept fixes some issues that traditional water bottles haven’t.

What I Don't Love About the Hydrosleeve

As I’m in no way endorsed or sponsored by the Hydrosleeve, I’m free to be honest about its flaws. While I love this product and would purchase it again, it has its imperfections.

1) 7.5 oz. isn't Very Much, Yet The Pouch is Bulky

The Hydrosleeve is as big as it can be without it completely weighing down your arm and turning you into a lopsided troll. While it fits securely, there’s no denying that the whole unit is fairly big given the relatively small amount of water it holds. This hasn’t been too big of an issue for me, but I’d suggest getting a visual of what 7.5 ounces looks like prior to buying this product and making sure that this will suffice for your specific hydration needs.

2) The Valve Can Fall Off if You're a Werewolf

There has only been one occasion where I was too vigorous and ripped the bite valve right off of the pouch as I was running. While it’s easy for this NOT to happen, it’s possible. As long as you keep your werewolf instincts at bay, you’ll be just fine.

Overall, I love the Hydrosleeve and it’s made my ability to stay hydrated during a run much easier. It’s not perfect but, for the price, you may as well check it out and see if it’s as revolutionary for you as it was for me.