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The Loudest Bluetooth Speakers of 2020

The loudest bluetooth speakers on the market blow their competition out of the water when you’re ready to throw a party, a tailgate, or just need to crank up the tunes. I mean, what’s the point of a speaker if you can’t blast it? Sometimes, we all need to leave the office behind and just enjoy some good music.

These are some of the best and loudest bluetooth speakers on the market. All of these speakers are portable, though you’ll notice that some of them are large. They often need to be bigger in order to pack a punch in the sound department. Don’t worry though. We’ll cover options of various sizes, prices, and qualities that all deliver some serious volume.

Here’s my list of the loudest bluetooth speakers of 2020:

  1. AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speaker
  2. Aiwa Exos-9 Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Sony GTKXB90 High Power Bluetooth Speaker
  4. SOUNDBOKS 2 Bluetooth Speaker
  5. W-King D8 Bluetooth Speaker

AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is my absolute top choice. It’s loud, durable, portable, and inexpensive. If you’re looking for a loud bluetooth speaker that delivers, this is it.

The AOMAIS GO checks almost every box for a top notch speaker.

Seriously, you can stop now and just buy this guy. It has almost 4,500 Amazon reviews averaging 4.5 stars. That’s a good product.

What are people saying about the AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers?

Aiwa Exos-9 Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is POWERFUL. It’s also beautiful, well designed, and a great price in comparison to other speakers in its field.

The sound quality of this speaker is fantastic. It also has a fun feature where you can “lock” the bluetooth so that your friends who have poor music taste can’t hijack the speaker.

What are people saying about the Aiwa Exos-9?

Sony GTKXB90 High Power Bluetooth Speaker

There’s no doubt that Sony is a big player in the speaker game. When it comes to the loudest bluetooth speakers, the Sony GTKXB90 doesn’t disappoint. It’s huge though. Even bigger than the Aiwa.

If you’re not intimidated by its size, this bluetooth speaker is a great choice for your next party or BBQ. The most fun and unique feature of the Sony GTKXB90 is it’s light display.

What are people saying about the Sony GTKXB90?

SOUNDBOKS 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Hold onto your chair when you look at the price of this guy. Even if you gasped, this is a very loud and very powerful bluetooth speaker that’s worth the high price tag. The SOUNDBOKS 2 is great enough that it’s stashing away your pennies for. 

Like the Sony GTKXB90, the SOUNDBOKS 2 is large, which you may be noticing is a trend in the loud bluetooth speaker arena.

It turns out that you need the big size for the big sound.

The team at SOUNDBOKS says that this speaker reaches 122db, which is 2db higher than the front row of a rock concert.

What are people saying about the SOUNDBOKS 2?

W-King D8 Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker delivers some serious sound given its size. If you’re looking for something that’s extremely portable while also going above and beyond in the sound department, the W-King D8 may be just what you need. 

This bluetooth speaker is built for the outdoors. You can knock it around without worrying, which makes it my top choice for camping.

What are people saying about the W-King D8?