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Plantronics Backbeat Fit Review: Bluetooth Headphones

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plantronics backbeat headphones

Do you love bluetooth headphones as much as I do? Well, after you read my Plantronics Backbeat Fit Review, you’re about to. The Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones are my go-to running headphones. Read on to find out why I love them so much and rely on them for every run.

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The morning of my first marathon, I made sure everything was perfect. My clothes were arranged and clean; my shoes were ready to be tied; my natural fuel was portioned out and packed into the pocket of my shorts. But, most importantly, my podcasts and music were cued and ready to motivate me through 26.2 miles.

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You can see the sad remains of my headphones in my left hand as they're doing me no good as I finish the race

I don’t go anywhere without a pair of headphones. I love listening to podcasts so much that I always have at least three pairs of headphones on hand in case my current pair should short circuit or I cut through the cord with a paper cutter (true story). The headphones I wear on a daily basis are cheap, sturdy, and ready to be tossed and replaced at any moment. I subject them to being crushed in my back pockets, lost in my bags, and tangled into impossible knots. They have a rough go it.

While every other day of the week I have a backup pair on hand, the day of my first marathon was the worst day to test fate and not have a plan B. At mile 17 of the race, I was running strong and finding my groove. With less than 10 miles to go, I knew I was on track to finish within my time goal. And then it happened. I heard a crackling in my ears, a buzzing sound overwhelmed my podcast, and everything went silent.

I couldn’t believe it. I stopped in the middle of the road, runners swerving to pass me, as I looked at the seconds ticking away on my podcast player with no sound accompanying them. I was about to reach the hardest stretch of the marathon and I’d have to endure it with only my thoughts to keep me company?! How dare a pair of headphones go and ruin my dreams and cut out when I needed them most? When I had been such a loyal companion, how dare they not be there for me in my toughest moment? How? Why? What?

Dramatics aside, I ended up finishing that marathon having more than qualified for the Boston Marathon and crushing my goals. I won’t brag about my abilities to sing Katy Perry’s “Roar” to myself for fifty minutes straight, but I will say I’m convinced I would have had a faster finishing time had my headphones held out for those final 9 miles.

So, the day after that race, I knew it was time to get serious about headphones. It was time to invest my time and money into a product that wouldn’t fail me when I needed it most. It was time to introduce myself to the Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones.

They're Wireless

For many years, I ran with a cord wrapped around my hand, threatening to pull my ears out at each step. Wireless headphones are a game changer. No longer did I have to worry about the long leash between my head and my phone. There’s enough to worry about on a run without having to ponder how your headphones will try to decapitate you.

plantronics backbeat headphones

The magic of these headphones extends beyond running. I know what I’m about to say is a small problem in the grand scheme of things, but I was always annoyed when I’d miss thirty seconds of my podcast when I was cooking a meal and needed to leave the kitchen to grab something from another room. The fact that wireless headphones allow you to walk into a different room than your media player and still maintain clear and consistent sound is something similar to magic. When I got the Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones, it was easier to enter “flow state” than when I listened without headphones or had to worry about cords. I could turn on a podcast or audiobook and fall into the narrative. No longer did I have to miss 10 seconds here and 30 seconds there because I walked too far from my phone.

I have walked over 40 feet from my phone without losing the Bluetooth connection to the Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones. So, while I bought these headphones for running, they are great household companions. There’s nothing better than being excited to water the plants or clean the house because you know you’ll have a great listening experience while you do it. Try it; I know you’ll be hooked.

They're Sweat and Waterproof

After my marathon, I did some research and realized my headphones had failed me because of my sweat and the heavy fog. The Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones would laugh at such a small obstacle. While I haven’t tested them in a downpour, these headphones have withstood many sweaty, misty, and unexpectedly rainy days. This is no small factor, as we runners encounter moisture in the form of rain or sweat on a regular basis. These headphones understand this and take on the challenge well. Given my first marathon, the ability for headphones to withstand water is very important, both to my sense of practicality and to my ego. As normal as sweating is during a 26.2 mile run, it’s embarrassing to know that the power of my own sweat is powerful enough to kill a pair of headphones.

They're High Quality

plantronics backbeat headphones

You will spend more money replacing cheap headphones than you will investing in one expensive pair that will last. The Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones are built to last. No longer do I have to worry if the sound will cut out in the middle of my run, or if the battery will decide to stop holding a charge. These headphones are reliable.

Not only do they have a strong build, but these headphones also deliver a decent sound quality. While they aren’t the quality of Bose, the sound quality is what you’d expect for the price. There’s no crackling, skittering, or jumping through tracks. The sound is clear and good enough to get you through your runs.

They Pick Up Signal Fast and Hold a Long Battery Charge

I have never seen a device pick up a Bluetooth signal so quickly. As soon as the Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones are turned on, they are connected and ready to use. Even more importantly, I have never had the headphones disconnect from my phone or lose signal. Once they are connected, they cling to your phone like a leech to a leg.

Plantronics isn’t lying when they say these headphones last up to 8 hours on one charge. A little icon on the top right corner of your phone will indicate when you need to plug your headphones in for re-juicing. Charging to full capacity will take 45 minutes tops, leaving you ready to go for your next run.

plantronics backbeat fit review

They Fit Well

plantronics backbeat headphones

I’m always annoyed by the design of most wireless headphones, as I don’t know why I’d want a loop of cord flapping around behind my neck. It took me a good deal of research to find a pair that had a firm neckband. When I bought the Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones, I was worried that the neckband wouldn’t be snug around the back of my neck and would jostle the headphones. As it turns out, the neckband is made of a light weight rubber and is only noticeable if you reach back to scratch your head. The ear buds fit securely and the over-the-ear loops ensure the headphones stay in place. I have never had an issue with needing to adjust these headphones. Once they’re in place, they will stay put for as long as you need them to.

The Charging Outlet can be Hard to Access

plantronics backbeat headphones

The slot for the USB is located underneath the phone icon on the right headphone. The covering for the slot flows seamlessly with the design of the rest of the product, making it hard to find. I once found myself picking at the wrong spot while trying to find the outlet and worried I was going to do damage to the covering. While the incognito nature of the charging outlet adds to the aesthetic of the product, it will take some practice to remember where it is.

They can be Awkward to Store

As the neckband is a solid piece of rubber, these headphones don’t lend themselves to being stored in a nice and neat fashion. While you can fold them as shown on the product’s page, they are more likely to end up sprawled out in your electronics bin. I have never had this cause issues, but it can be annoying for the organizationally minded of us.

My Recommendation

I couldn’t be happier with this product. Now that I’ve found the Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones, long gone are the days of trying to make do with cheaper wireless headphones that leave me hanging in the middle of a race. If audio is important to you on a run, there’s no reason to skimp on a pair of headphones. The Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones have fulfilled all of my expectations and have made a life-long customer out of me. Check them out for yourself and get listening!