Recommended Running Shoes

There are a lot of running essentials, but it doesn’t get as essential as shoes. I mean, really, who hasn’t thrown on some old clothes and their running shoes and headed out the door? When you’re in a pickle, running shoes are really all you need.

I’m a huge Brooks fan. They last a long time, they support your tootsies for miles, and they look good too. I’ve been a Brooks fan for years and have bought little else. So, you’ll see that this list is Brooks heavy. What can I say? I’m a Brooks fan girl. You’ll also see that there are only two shoes on this list. These are the only two pairs of running shoes I’ve ever owned (and probably will ever own if I can help it). These two pairs of shoes have gotten me through many miles and many races and have been thoroughly put to the test.

Brooks Ghost

Yes, I love all Brooks shoes, but I REALLY love Brooks Ghost shoes. I’ve worn Ghosts for many races, including marathons, and they’ve never let me down. No blisters, discomfort, instability, none of that bad stuff. While the recommendation is to replace your shoes every 300-500 miles, I’ve worn my Ghosts for much more than that (shhh, don’t tell). Even once I’ve retired a pair of Ghosts, they live on as my go-to walking and hiking shoes. As a plus, they’re also really cute and don’t scream “I’m wearing my running shoes because my closet is a disaster and I couldn’t find anything else,” when you wear them to the grocery store. Brooks rates them as a 2 out of 3 on the cushioning scale.

Brooks Glycerin

I only bought Ghosts for a number of years. They were my go-to shoes and helped me avoid the analysis paralysis I’m so famous for. But, a friend ended up giving me a pair of Glycerins and I thought, “heck, I can’t turn down free Brooks!” Well, I learned that my love affair for Brooks shoes extended beyond the Ghosts. It turns out that my Glycerins were quite the rockstars as well.

The Glycerins and Ghosts are very similar aside from one main thing – the cushioning. Brooks rates the Glycerins at a 3 out of 3 on the cushioning scale. Personally, I did notice the extra cushioning. The Glycerins felt a bit bulkier and substantive. Nothing changed about my running or comfort though. Both the Ghosts and the Glycerins have gotten me through a lot of races while keeping my feet supported and blister-free. The cushioning in the Glycerins isn’t that extreme, so lean towards the Glycerins if you want a little extra cushioning but don’t need it to be extreme. I wouldn’t recommend extreme cushioning anyway.