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Running Headbands for Every Style and Need

You may be wondering why I care about running headbands. Isn’t the benefit of having short hair that it can blow in the wind without the risk of it falling in my eyes and landing me face down in a pothole? Well, let me tell you that my flowing locks are more high maintenance than they look.

woman with colorful sweat headband

Running headbands can quickly become your biggest allies as you battle the elements and maintain your sanity during a run (no one likes to see a runner pull out their hair when it’s fallen out of their ponytail and into their eyes one too many times). So, what running headband is right for you? There are a number options to choose from depending upon the length of your hair, the weather, and your desired comfort level. Let’s dive in.

Running Headbands for the Cold

Headbands aren’t only useful for keeping your mane at bay; they can serve double duty by keeping your head warm on those chilly runs.

TrailHeads Women's Ponytail Headband

As a former long haired girl, I know it can be awkward to wear a headband with your ponytail. Well, TrailHeads has solved this problem. Not only will your ears and head stay warm, you won’t waste any time messing with your ponytail. What I love about this running headband is that it’s made of a super soft material and there’s no need to worry about sharp, plastic teeth or pointy, jagged ends. If you want to take it to the next level, check out TrailHeads ponytail hat

Original Turtle Fur Fleece Headband

Good luck getting cold in this running headband. Intended for the snow, this Turtle Fur will be no match for damp and cold conditions. There are a lot of colors to choose from, so pick up a few to get you through those cold, winter running months.

Running Headbands for the Heat

Athle' Non Slip Skinny Sport Headbands

Less is more as far as hot weather running apparel is concerned. When the sun is out and I want nothing more than to jump in the ocean, I grab a skinny elastic headband that will keep my hair back, but won’t contribute to the sweat factor. The Athle’ headbands are a great choice because they’re cheap, reliable, and get the job done.

Nike Swoosh Headband

While it’s not my personal preference, maybe you want something more substantial that will combat your sweat as you run. There’s nothing more game for the challenge than the Nike Swoosh Headband. This classic, basic headband will keep the sweat out of your eyes as you run through the heat.

Plastic Headbands

No, I’m not crazy. In fact, cheap plastic headbands are often my go-tos for a run. Even though they can be uncomfortable for a whole day of use, they’re perfect for an hour long run. What I love about these headbands is that they stay put fairly well, they don’t put pressure on my head like elastic bands, and they don’t get soggy with sweat. Also, given how cheap they are, there’s no need to worry about losing or breaking them. Regardless of your preferences, these are great to have around when you’re in a pickle and need something to tame your locks.

Running Headbands for Style

Unless you’re wearing these awesome leggings, your face is the first thing people see, so you might as well be wearing something stylish on your head.

Sweaty Bands carries a long line of fashionable, yet functional, headbands especially for athletes. Pick up a few different styles and never leave the house without your sassy, stylish attitude again.

Oureamod Wide Headbands

Have you ever dreamed of wearing Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” on your head while you’re out for a run? Well, get ready for your dreams to come true. Oureamod headbands are not only beautiful, they come with a cheat sheet showing you numerous ways in which to wear them. Each pack comes with 5 headbands, so there’s no excuse not to mix up your style every day of the week.