How To Be Safe As A Road Runner

As a runner, you understand the importance of staying visible when you are running in or near traffic. However, you may not know how prevalent accidents can be in this scenario. Over 46,000 people have been involved in fatal vehicle-pedestrian accidents from 2001 to 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control

Tips for Staying Visible While Running on the Roads

  • Don't run in traffic itself, but run where you will be seen. It is never safe to run around or with cars. If it is possible, run on the sidewalk so you can put a further distance between you and the vehicles on the roadway.
  • Wear fluorescent clothing so you will stand out and be noticed. If you wear fluorescent colors, such as neon yellow, lime green, hot pink, or orange you are going to get noticed.
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  • If you are out running after dark, you need to make sure you can be seen. You should wear a jacket, vest, or shirt that has reflective material on it. The reflective tape should be placed on your back and chest as well as on your shoes and on your legs. For added attention, carry a flashlight and have it pointed straight down, or alternately, you can use a headlamp. Attach a flashing LED light on your back so you can be sure to get the attention of drivers.
  • Be predictable, so always follow traffic regulations. You need to stop at intersections and at stop signs. Never dart through traffic or run between cars. Watch where you are going and run predictably so drivers know where you are heading.
  • If you are running on the road, run toward traffic. You can see the vehicles approaching and get out of the way if you must.
  • Run in areas that have adequate lighting. This serves two safety purposes. It lets you see where you are going and it keep you safe from people lurking in the shadows who might be up to no good.

Tips for Staying Safe While Running on the Roads

In addition to visibility, there are few other safety tips you need to be aware of so you can significantly reduce your chances of being in an accident.

  • Running with a friend whenever possible is helpful. By doing this, you are improving visibility because there are two of you side by side. You also have help along in case something goes wrong.
  • Take along your cell phone. Tape a piece of paper on the back that has your name and emergency contact information in case of an injury or accident
  • Let someone know you are going out for a run. Be sure they know your route and have an estimated time for your return so they can come look for you if you aren't back within the specified time frame.
  • Be alert and pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Pick headphones that let you hear what's going on around you.

While these tips aren’t the be-all, end-all of staying safe while running alongside traffic, they can have a definite impact on your level of visibility, and therefore, safety while running.

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